Media Release - Tasmania’s Rainforests loggers need to halt

Bob Brown Foundation has described today's announcement that Brittons Timber has acquired Specialty Veneers' Somerset mill as a doubling down on a failed, taxpayer-subsidised business model that entrenches rainforest loss.

"Not two months ago Brittons and their native forest milling contemporaries were begging for taxpayer funds to market their controversial product in the face of declining market demand for native forest products," said takayna / Tarkine Campaigner Scott Jordan.

"Now Tasmania’s taxpayer will continue to fund the logging, and the selling, and Brittons wants a larger slice of our generosity."

"Brittons has contributed to mass destruction of ancient rainforests and climate damage from large scale native forest loss for long enough. The company needs to move out. Tasmania’s forest ecosystems, endangered species and the climate emergency can no longer survive and Brittons needs to rapidly end their reliance on native forest logging".

Sustainable Timbers Tasmania has scheduled 52 logging coupes in takayna / Tarkine in their 2019-22 three-year plan.

"They tread this unsustainable path to the detriment of the climate, wildlife and Tasmania’s economy,” concluded Mr Jordan. 


Scott Jordan

takayna / Tarkine Campaigner
0428 300 324

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