Water Plan Approval is Corrupted Process - Brown

The Queensland government’s water approval for the Adani mine is the outcome of a corrupted process, Bob Brown said today.

“Independent science shows Gautam Adani’s coal extraction will most likely lead to the death of the Doongmabulla Springs, sacred to the Wangan and Jagalingou people, but here are the powers-that-be giving it a tick. As they gave the impending extinction of the Black-throated Finch a tick two weeks ago,” Brown said.

“In both cases, nature’s fate is sold to future studies which, when they confirm the worst, will not stop the mine.”

“Australia’s environmental processes are a farce and today’s anti-science decision shows it up. Overarching all this is the absence of an assessment of the impact that burning the Galilee Basin coal will have on Earth’s climate emergency - culpable behaviour by both the Coalition and Labor in office.”

“This dereliction of government responsibility for preventing the most important environmental impacts of Gautam Adani’s coal exploitation in Australia parallels his riding roughshod, with state and national government complicity, over Indigenous people’s rights, to clear forests for open-cut coal mining in India. Those Indian forests are also habitat for elephants, bears and leopards.”

Bob Brown Foundation will hold a protest at Adani’s outrageous behaviour in India against the Gond people’s forests, this Saturday, outside the Indian High Commission in Canberra.

Adam Burling

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