Tarkine anti-conservationists failed attempt to disrupt peaceful protest

A misguided protest by pro-logging activists has resulted in the official closure of a 30-metre section of road that they wanted open, despite it actually going nowhere.

The Bob Brown Foundation's Sumac Defenders Camp has, for the last nine months, prevented the construction of a controversial new logging road into the takayna/Tarkine.

On Sunday, a small group of pro-logging activists planned a protest to demand the removal of a sign and tripod structure at the end of an existing road. The group used the guise of wanting to go for a barbecue, something that there are actually able to do without any hinderance. They chose not to use the walking track that the Bob Brown Foundations has hosted over 400 volunteers and visitors into the ancient rainforests during the camp's nine-month existence.

Police attended without incident, and have deemed the road section to be unsafe and formally closed the road section under the Vehicle and Traffic Act 1999.

"You could be forgiven for mistaking today's events for a Monty Python skit", said Bob Brown Foundation Campaigner Scott Jordan.

"A group of people wanted to drive on a road that doesn't exist, to go to a place they are already at, and as a result of their efforts, have had the road officially closed".

"Despite the obvious comedy, we have to say we are absolutely satisfied with the result".

The Bob Brown Foundation thanks the attending police for their courteous and professional conduct.


Scott Jordan
takayna / Tarkine Campaigner

[email protected]
0428 300 324


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