Prime Minister Morrison and Opposition Leader Albanese will today be delivered 45 000 signatures from Australians calling for an end to native forest logging in Australia. The growing signatures on Bob Brown Foundation’s Native Forest Declaration will be used in the new term of government to call for the protection of the nation’s forests – critical carbon storehouses and home to countless threatened species.
“It is a popular call to our next Prime Minister to lead this nation to protect all its remaining native forests and the wildlife that are being lost to logging. 65% of Australians support an end to native forest logging on public land. Liberal and Labor voters want native forest logging to end, 72% of Labor voters and 59% of Liberal voters. Only 16% of Australians want logging destruction to continue,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“In Sydney, we will deliver the 45 000 signatures collected from the Native Forest Declaration to both Kirribilli House and Anthony Albanese’s electorate office in Marrickville,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

In northern Tasmania at the state’s largest native forest woodchip mill, a non-violent disruption of the archaic woodchipping of Tasmania’s wildlife-filled forests is underway. Banner drops around the country hosted by Bob Brown Foundation supporters and allied forest groups are in Bega, Batemans Bay, Sydney, Lismore, Gold Coast, Torquay, Melbourne, Adelaide Hills and Hobart.

“We are at Artec woodchip mill in northern Tasmania to remind voters that over 90% of what is demolished in Tasmania’s wild native forests ends up here for export. It is an outrage. Every day of the year, native forests are lost to export woodchipping for paper products and, potentially, forest furnaces overseas. It is eco-devastation, runs at a loss, is subsidised by the taxpayer, removes critical climate storehouses and has been sanctioned by consecutive state and federal government orders written with the blood of endangered species and signed off with the quills of Masked Owls, Wedge-tailed Eagles and Swift Parrots,” Bob Brown Foundation Campaigner Erik Hayward said.

“Native forest logging employs far fewer people than the plantation sector and accounts for less than 1% of the workforce jobs while plantations supply almost 90% of Australia’s timber needs,” Jenny Weber said.
“Native forests need protection over the next term of government, or we will continue to fuel global warming while losing critically endangered and endangered species like Swift Parrot, Koalas and Greater Gliders,” Jenny Weber said.

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