Adani Remains Australia's Moral Challenge, 2019

CFMEU repeated 2004 by delivering Coalition government.

The election outcome does not alter the immorality of proceeding with Gautam Adani’s coal mine one iota, environmentalist Bob Brown said today.

"While the Morrison camp gloats, Earth is heating. Inevitably, the future of every child on Earth, including every Australian child is on the altar of Adani. It is no more complicated than that. This is a challenge to Australia’s vision and future security.

So is the future of the Murray-Darling Basin, the Great Barrier Reef, Australia’s snowfields, coastlines and wildlife."

“The Stop Adani Convoy outcome will always remain a clarion call on this great challenge to the Australian community. Where leadership tackled climate change head-on as in Melbourne, Indi and Warringah, the people responded. But that moral compass was in neither of the big parties. Prime Minister Scott Morrison does not have it."

"In Queensland, the mining union’s demand that Labor candidates sign its pledge on Adani was a Labor vote killer and Coalition boon, just as the CFMEU’s pro-logging intervention in Tasmania in 2004 put Howard in and Labor out."

Adam Burling
0499 176 082

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