Loggers and thugs attack protest camp in Tasmania’s Tarkine

In a frightening attack, a group of men terrorised a volunteer last night at the Bob Brown Foundation Tarkine protest blockade.

A protest blockade has been in place since September 2018 in the Tarkine’s ancient Sumac rainforest, threatened by logging. The rainforest has remained intact due to the peaceful occupation by hundreds of volunteers and Foundation campaign staff over the last eight months.

“Last night this group of alcohol-fuelled men, one stating he was a logger who logged rainforests elsewhere in the Tarkine last January, threatened our volunteer with assault and verbally abused the man for over half an hour. The men ransacked tents, urinated on our property and left, after stealing electronic equipment”, Tarkine Campaigner Scott Jordan said.

“After making a report to Tasmania Police we wait for them to conduct a thorough investigation and charge these men. Last night’s attack is equivalent to a home invasion,” Jordan said.

“Our Foundation calls on political leaders, the Tasmanian Government and Tasmanian logging industry to condemn this attack. We conduct ourselves peacefully all the time and consistently bear the brunt of alcohol-fuelled, politically motivated violence by anti-conservationists. Protection of carbon-retaining native forests in Tasmania, in this age of mass extinctions and economically-ruinous global warming, is a social responsibility,” Jenny Weber said.


Jenny Weber

Campaign Manager


Scott Jordan

takayna / Tarkine Campaigner 

0428 300 324

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