Greens Vote Strong in Queensland as Morrison Avoids the Word 'Adani'

Brown whacks Viellaris: suppressed poll shows slump in Adani support.

Today’s Courier Mail poll showing 12% of Queensland voters are more likely to vote Greens, following the Bob Brown Foundation’s Stop Adani Convoy, boosts the likelihood of Greens Senator Larissa Waters’ re-election on Saturday, former Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.

‘Having got just 6.9% of the vote when Senator Waters was elected in 2016, this Galaxy poll shows that 12% of voters are now more likely to vote for her because they don’t want Gautam Adani’s mine in Queensland. The effect of the Stop Adani Convoy in keeping the issue before voters is likely to be even greater in states which have a free and fair press,’ Brown said.

The Courier Mail’s Viellaris withheld from readers an April Galaxy poll showing support for the Adani Mine slumping right across Australia (to 31%), including in Queensland (37%). Central Queensland News, which did print the poll (26 April), reported that ‘the name Adani is poison among the major parties, with support for mining dropping for the development of the Adani Mine to just 40 per cent of Coalition voters and 24 per cent of Labor’. Prime Minister Scott Morrison ‘has avoided mentioning the company’s name’.

‘The Courier Mail’s Renee Viellaris’ report today is spin augmented by suppression. My assessment is that the news is not good for Adani but the campaign is going well for the Greens,’ Brown said.

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