Morrison the fox in charge of Australia's extinction crisis

Australia’s Prime Minister and Ministers for the Environment are culpable for ignoring the continent’s worst extinction rate on Earth, Bob Brown, whose foundation has just completed its Stop Adani Convoy, said today.

“In terms of nature’s survival, the current clearing of forests and woodlands, opening of new coal, oil and gas mines, oceanic pollution by industrial fish farming, and opening of beaches to 4-wheel-drives and dogs are amongst potent species-killing policies authorised by federal and state ministers meant to be protecting species.

“In Tasmania, the Hodgman-authorised logging and burning of rare species’ habitat in the Tarkine, Southern Forests and north-east is a premeditated program of species extinction which, in terms of nature, is no less criminal than opening the Adani coal mine and strip clearing of woodlands in Queensland.

“Victoria’s Labor Premier Andrews’ ongoing logging of the tall forests habitat of the state’s endangered faunal emblem, Leadbeater’s Possum, is one of the most poignant examples of recklessly driving species towards extinction anywhere in the world.

“In Canberra, Prime Minister Morrison’s appointment of a pro-mining, anti-environmental politician as Minister for the Environment highlighted his relegation of responsibility for Australia’s natural species to the trashbin. We have a coal-toting Prime Minister whose spending on the protection of Australia’s environment at 3 cents per $100 of the budget is one-third of spending a decade ago and one-tenth of equivalent spending in the USA where far fewer mammals have gone to extinction.

“Scott Morrison is the fox in charge of Australia’s endangered species. He backs the species-killing Adani mine, logging of our nation’s heirloom forests and policies killing the Murray-Darling wetlands,” Brown said. “And we have just seen Bill Shorten commit to protecting no more wild Tasmanian forests - to destroying more habitat of endangered species like the Tasmanian Devil, Wedge-tailed Eagle and Masked Owl. Both are fuelling the fire of native species extinctions in Australia. Voters should weigh that up before 18 May,” Brown said.


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