Notes on hate media reporting

Whilst this is a side issue to the need for global action to secure the planet’s future well being, the corrupting role of a section of the fourth estate’s Murdoch media in our democracy is here addressed.

"As ever, I absolutely repudiate offensive comments such as those headlined in today’s Murdoch press. Offensive comments are taken down by our foundation just as they are taken down off Murdoch media sites. Renee Viellaris, who I met in person outside News Ltd in Brisbane last night before her deadline, was told I did not accept such comments and that they are taken down. I asked Ms Viellaris if the Courier Mail received and took down such offensive commentary. Contrary to her own demands of others, she refused to answer. Double standards, Ms Viellaris," Bob Brown said

"The hate media works by attacking those it disagrees with when it cannot fairly meet their point of view, especially where ethics like those of the worsening global climate emergency, are involved. Our convoy is committed to lawful and peaceful process. Conversely, this opinionated reportage aims to raise anger rather than promote civil discussion. I hold the Murdoch media responsible for any harmful outcome of this reportage," Brown concluded. 


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