Protesters Infringed

Two vehicles involved in last Friday’s blockade of school buses (which had been booked to take scores of entrants to the start of the takayna Ultra, an ultra-marathon in the Tarkine) have been issued with infringement notices for parking to obstruct. The event was organised by the Bob Brown Foundation and backed by international outdoors clothing company Patagonia as well as investment company Australian Ethical. Online supporters of the infringed vehicles are seething.

“While the police were called to keep the peace, we did not ask for charges to be laid,” Bob Brown said today. “But this shows that the law is being levied without fear or favour and the Tasmania Police are to be commended for that,” he said.

“An unforeseen consequence of the pre-dawn blockade was that it boosted publicity for our fundraising ultra-marathon which went on to raise nearly $100,000 for the Tarkine, though some $7,000 has been set aside to pay for the vandalism which occurred during the night including slashing of the finish-line marquee and ropes at West Point.”

Participants from all over Australia, and one each from the United States and New Zealand, were full of praise for both the event and the Tarkine. It is hoped it will become an annual event drawing international publicity.

“I reiterate that anti-tourism signs at the blockade like ‘GO BACK TO THE CITY’ do not represent local sentiments towards our event and were not such a good look for the burgeoning, job-rich industry.”

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