Adani tick makes environmentalists cross

Federal Environment Minister Melissa Price’s tick for a go-ahead on the Adani mine is without integrity, sincerity or responsibility to Earth’s future, Bob Brown said today.

“The Stop Adani Convoy, due to leave Hobart and head north a week today, is now more important than ever to remind voters of everyone’s obligation to keep the world beautiful and habitable for our children and theirs,” Brown said.

The question of a Morrison government agreement to this monster coal mine was always ‘when?’, not ‘what if?” and ‘no!’ was never a possibility. Nor were such simple, reasonable requirements as a complete and permanent shutdown of the mine if it is shown to affect the groundwater of the region including the Doongmabulla Springs which have iconic Aboriginal significance.

“Our Stop Adani Convoy now has nearly 600 fully signed-up participants to represent the prevalent feeling of Australians that billionaire Adani’s mine is as much a tribute to greed as it is a pump-up of dangerous global warming.”

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