Media Release: Logging of Swift Parrot habitat found to be carried out under deficient, outdated and dangerous forest practices in Tasmania.

Bob Brown Foundation has called on the Forest Practices Authority to revoke forest practices plans in 31 areas of forests on Tasmania’s Eastern Tiers. This is due to:

  • A newly identified food source for Swift Parrot, the Eucalyptus brookeriana, ignored in current logging plans;
  • A critically endangered woodland community, which is meant to be protected from logging, has not been correctly identified by 8 year old logging plans;
  • Mapping system the logging authority relies on is inaccurate, out-dated and fails to recognise important habitat for critically endangered species;
  • Forest Practices Authority has failed to comply with its own policy of adaptive management;

“Dr Webb has recently identified Eucalyptus brookeriana as an important food source for the critically endangered species. This is new science. None of the Forest Practices Plans for 31 coupes in the Eastern Tiers recognise this new finding and therefore there is a monumental failure to protect important habitat of a species that is on the brink of extinction,” Jenny Weber said.

“Furthermore, the critically endangered woodland community of Eucalyptus brookeriana /Eucalyptus ovata which is present in the Eastern Tiers, are still targeted by logging in forest practices plans that are eight years old. This is due to failure by the logging agency and authority to adapt their management,” Jenny Weber said.

“Tasmania has a critical role to play in securely protecting Swift Parrot habitat.  All nesting trees need to be left standing, not like the destruction of Eastern Tiers forests when at the height of the Swift Parrots breeding season logging was carried out at 2020.  While our Foundation was carrying out protests and surveys in these forests, Swift Parrots were present and trees with hollows were chain-sawed,” Jenny Weber said.

“To our knowledge this is the first time the Forest Practices Authority has been asked to revoke a series of forest practices plan.  Logging cannot go ahead without these plans.

We fully expect FPA, as the Regulator, will act responsibly to curb STT’s logging plans for the Eastern Tiers, in an effort to protect the Swift parrot.” Jenny Weber said.

“This negligent destruction is happening on Premier Gutwein’s watch as he oversees the path to extinction for the fastest parrot on Earth,” Jenny Weber said.


Affidavits by Dr Matt Webb for the Great Forest Case

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