Media Release: Equinor approval to drill Bight risks Australian environment - Brown

Equinor oil drilling, banned at home, threatens Tasmania’s pristine Tarkine coast, the Bob Brown Foundation said tonight.

Norwegian government-controlled oil giant Equinor, having been banned from drilling in the wild waters of Norway’s famed Lofoten Islands, has been given the go-ahead to drill 1000 metres below the Great Australian Bight’s sea bed which is, itself, 2000 metres deep in some of the most pristine but turbulent seas in the world.

“Scott Morrison, said not to be holidaying anywhere on the magnificent Great Australian Bight coastline, is now responsible for exposing that coast to a potential oil spill rivalling BP’s disaster in the shallower Gulf of Mexico a decade ago,” Bob Brown said.

“The whole Tasmanian coastline, west and east, would suffer in such a disaster. Tasmania’s pristine Tarkine coast, and King Island, with their vital beaches for shorebirds migrating from the Arctic each year, would suffer a king hit from an Equinor oil spill. Equinor is Norway’s Adani foisting its ugly, unwanted risks on the Australian environment for foreign profit,” Brown said.

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