Media Release: Chinese state-owned miner MMG's EPBC referral flawed

Bob Brown Foundation has criticised the latest EPBC referral by Chinese state-owned miner MMG, as riddled with unfounded assumptions, incomplete data and wishful thinking.

Unapproved and illegal operations were halted in late July after Bob Brown Foundation’s lawyers wrote to MMG and the Commonwealth government to inform them that their roading and drilling program on its proposed toxic tailings dam in takayna’s rainforest was unapproved and illegal under the EPBC Act.

Australia’s Environment Minister should reject MMG’s plans to destroy takayna and this referral as clearly unacceptable, and prosecute MMG for its illegal activities.

“It is now clear why MMG took to the airwaves to spruik their intention to destroy takayna / Tarkine with a toxic tailings dam before the referral was published. This referral raises more questions than answers,” said Bob Brown Foundation takayna/Tarkine Campaigner Scott Jordan.

“They have failed to survey all of the forests they propose to destroy for worksites and discounted indirect risks on surrounding forest habitat within the proposed site. Alarmingly the company admits to recording endangered Masked owls only to then discount their presence”.

“After reading this documentation it only reinforces our view that the removal of these aspects of the main referral into this substandard second referral is orchestrated to avoid real scrutiny of the whole project and fast track works that were in fact illegal”.

Seventy-one protestors were arrested over two months attempting to halt MMG’s illegal works.

The Chinese state-owners of MMG are signatories to the World Heritage Convention. The area in question has verified World Heritage values and is in urgent need of protection.

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  • Adam Burling
    published this page in Media Releases 2021-11-18 16:45:09 +1100