Wentworth is Adani coal mine test poll - Bob Brown

19th October 2018

The Wentworth by-election has become a litmus test on whether politicians heed the strong public sentiment against the Adani coal mine, former Greens leader Bob Brown said today.

The Liberals and Labor continue to support the mine but the Greens and independent Kerryn Phelps are opposing it. The test is clear. Vote Greens and preference Dr Phelps, or for other parties opposing the mine, and only then for Labor and the Liberals.

The Adani mine is the first test for action against global warming. Prime Minister Morrison’s coal stunt in parliament is an indelible reminder of his policy failure on global warming. However, it is not credible to advocate saving the planet but sitting on hands, as Labor is, when it comes to this monstrous polluting coal mine.

“I think the Wentworth poll will send a message to both major parties about the need for action on global warming but, in particular, to Labor leader Bill Shorten to get off the fence and make it clear before next year’s election that a
Labor government would reverse any progress on the mine and ban other coal mines.”

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