Media Release: ‘Kangaroo court’ Charities Commission should explain bans: Brown.

The Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission should fully explain how its investigations led to the delisting of the charitable organisation Vegan Rising, environmentalist Bob Brown said today.

The charities commission doesn't publish the findings from their investigations. Its CEO Dr Gary Johns said the revocation of the registration is the "most serious action the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission can take".

"Dr Johns is right that this is a most serious action but wrong not to publish how he reached his findings. The commission has all the hallmarks of a kangaroo court. Without being publicly accountable, it will appear politically motivated. Many Australians already think the Commission is politically motivated especially as the multi million dollar business, Hillsong has retained its DGR status after revelations of cover ups at the Royal Commission into child abuse," said Bob Brown.

"It is not for Dr Johns to decide what the public can or cannot protest about in our democratic system," Mr Brown concluded.

"Vegan Rising has a right to see all political or other correspondence involved in doing them in. This does not happen to political parties. The public is left to believe that political interference is a prime motivator for an agency acting in secret to delist charities. It is a dangerous path the commission is treading," said Jenny Weber, Bob Brown Foundation campaign manager.


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