Morrison should hand Abe $1million Federal Court fine - Brown

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison should hand Japan’s PM Abe the $1 million fine issued by the Federal Court against whalers slaughtering Minke whales, environmentalist Bob Brown said today.

“Morrison should personally serve Abe with the Federal Court order fining the Japanese $1,000,000.  That way, Australians can be sure Japan gets the message.”

“The whaling company is closely connected to and is backed by Abe. Any Australian company refusing to pay would find its executives jailed.

“As Abe’s whaling fleet left Tokyo this week to continue its criminal activity by killing more Minkes in the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary this Christmas, it will be humiliating for Australia if our PM does not confront Abe on his illegal whaling while he is on Australian soil today.

(See relevant story below)$1m-fine-to-japanese-whalers/6952508#

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