Tourism Industry Council Tasmania opposes due legal process

25 October 2018

‘The Tourism Industry Council Tasmania’s (TICT) boil-over at the Wilderness Society’s perfect right to test in court whether the law was upheld in the government's go-ahead for the Lake Malbena commercial proposal shows an arrogant contempt for due public process,’ Bob Brown said today.

‘Should the Federal Court uphold the Wilderness Society case, the Tourism Industry Council will be rightly accused of backing the breaking of the law. This intemperate attack on legal process by the TICT unfairly damages the image of the whole tourism industry in Tasmania,’ Brown said.

‘The environment movement has always supported public infrastructure inside protected areas and private investment outside. The TICT supremos have consistently opposed that protection. Now the TICT opposes World Heritage protection of the Tarkine. Its inherent claim that ‘we protected these areas’ is risible,’ Brown added.


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