Hodgman's Tarkine

Bob Brown says the difference between his and Premier Hodgman’s helicopters over the Tarkine is that the Premier’s helicopters drop napalm.

“He is in the job-losing business of firebombing forests after he logs them whereas I am in the job-gaining business of protecting the forests and their wildlife. I offer him an easy bargain - give the Tarkine World Heritage status and I will stay grounded.”

Brown took world-renowned mountaineer Rick Ridgeway, who has been honoured by National Geographic and is an executive of global company Patagonia, by helicopter to the Tarkine coast on Thursday as part of a national tour highlighting Patagonia’s film ‘takayna’. Patagonia brought the film’s crew from the USA but Tasmanian government officials refused to be interviewed despite multiple requests.

Ridgeway and Patagonia have been involved in the establishment of a group of national parks, nearly the size of Tasmania, in Chilean Patagonia. The region of Patagonia and the Tarkine both have forests evolved from the ancient continent of Gondwana and have a suite of similar species.

“We will continue to take prominent environmental advocates and film crews to the Tarkine to show why it should be saved from logging, mining and off-road vehicles. The issue is going international,” Brown said.

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12 June 2018

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