Christine Milne AO

Fellow environmentalist and former Greens politician, Bob Brown, has congratulated Christine Milne on her award as Officer of the Order of Australia.

"Christine has been a visionary and action-taker in a Tasmania often bereft of thinking politicians", Brown said today.

"When I look at the successful survival of Newtown Boys High or a dozen rural primary schools in Tasmania I think of Christine. Had she not stood up to the Field government’s determination to close these down in 1990, they would not now exist. Besides leading the campaign to stop the proposed polluting pulp mill at Wesley Vale, she played a major role in saving the historic Cradle Valley huts in the 1980s."

"Her achievements include key roles in creating New Caledonia’s coral reef World Heritage Area as well as the 600,000 hectares expansion of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area in 1989, and was the most knowledgeable federal exponent of a carbon trading scheme."

"Christine was the first female leader of a Tasmanian political party (1993-98) and first female leader of the Australian Greens (2012-15). Her role was essential in establishing Prime Minister John Howard’s national gun control laws after the Port Arthur massacre, in ending Tasmania’s discriminatory anti-gay laws and in the state parliamentary apology for the ‘stolen generation’ to the Tasmanian Aboriginal community."

"It has been a privilege for me to have three decades working with Christine and seeing her vital role in Tasmania’s transformation from logging, damming and mining to a top global destination for wild and scenic nature. From Wesley Vale farm girl, she has taken a lead role in Tasmania’s fabulous transformation to global ‘clean, green’ icon. This award is so well deserved," Brown said.

11 June 2018



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