Turnbull's Cradle Mountain Fiasco

Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull’s $30 million taxpayers’ transfer to help co-fund a cable car from Cradle Valley Visitors’ Centre to Dove Lake comes with no idea how to handle 500,000 people a year stepping off the system into the Dove Lake precinct, Bob Brown said today.

“This will make millions for a Liberals-backed private corporation which is granted the Cradle Valley Visitors’ Centre but has no strategic overview. The outcome will be vastly expanded facilities at Dove Lake and great environmental impact. The $30 million should be going into re-establishing closed National Parks management infrastructure at places like Liawenee on the Central Plateau and a World Heritage listing for the unprotected Tarkine wilderness, with a visitors’ centre at a hub such as Waratah, taking pressure off Cradle Mountain.”

“These options would be a better boost for small business and create more jobs,” he added.

“The $30 million would have funded the Bob Brown Foundation-advocated 100 km Trans Tarkine Track, taking further pressure off Cradle Mountain,” Bob Brown said.

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  • Sandy Beard
    commented 2018-05-16 21:57:30 +1000
    Please get a petition / campaign going against this … surely this is a completely misguided spend … which turns an incredibly special and unique place into an amusement park … surely a better spend is as you say new walking trails and better boardwalks etc on those that exist