Media Release: Forest protests at both Tasmanian Labor and Liberal election launches

Bob Brown Foundation have protested at the Labor and Liberal campaign launches this morning, highlighting the failure of both parties to defend Tasmania's wild forests.

"What we see from Labor and Liberal are Tweedlechain and Tweedlesaw", said Bob Brown.

"They just don't get the reality that Tasmania's future is dependent on a clean green image, not a cleared greed image,” Bob Brown said.

"They claim that half the state is protected but give nothing to protect it,” Bob Brown said.

"Both Labor and Liberal have locked in publicly subsidised logging of our precious native forests, harming the climate in a time of an emergency and trashing Tasmania's clean green brand", said Campaign Organiser Erik Hayward.

"Both parties will continue obscenely throwing public subsidy to a failed and dead industry, at a time when funds are desperately needed in health, housing and schools,” Erik Hayward said.

"It's time to protect native forests as the public calls on government to end logging. Instead of choosing a solution we know exists to protect native forests and meet all our wood needs with existing plantations, both parties have promised to introduce draconian laws to gaol members of the public who protest against this insane destruction,” Erik Hayward said.

The Bob Brown Foundation is urging Tasmanians to use their vote to reject parties who support the destruction of Tasmania's native forests or support draconian anti-protest laws.


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