Media Release: Non Violent Direct Action returns to new Tarkine Mine in Tasmania

This morning a protest has been re-established at the Riley Creek proposed mine in Tasmania's takayna/Tarkine as the Bob Brown Foundation calls for World Heritage listing of one of the world’s last wild places.

This morning, a climber has scaled a 10 metre pole which is blocking access to the mining site. Anna Brozek, 23 years old, is currently suspended above the gate, and supported by a group of 15 protesters on the ground.

"Irreversible damage will occur if this mine is allowed to proceed. Mining in takayna/Tarkine is risking the climate, the environment and wildlife habitats for the Tasmanian Devil and Spotted Tailed Quoll,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaigner Scott Jordan said.

“takayna/Tarkine is worthy of World Heritage protection, it is one of the last wild places on Earth. Instead, the Tasmanian and Federal Governments want to rip it up and damage its globally significant natural and cultural values. Our Foundation will not stand by and witness the loss of takayna, we will continue to stand up and defend it,” Scott Jordan said.

“We are in an urgent state of global climate and ecological crisis. We need action immediately. It is imperative that no new mines are developed in takayna/Tarkine. Venture Minerals’ Riley Creek mine is a startup and aims to fund two other enormous mines in already dwindling ancient cool-temperate rainforests. Preventing Riley Creek mine from going ahead is preventing an environmental catastrophe for Tasmania’s ancient Tarkine,” Bob Brown Foundation’s campaign organiser Erik Hayward said.

“We will not stand by watching while our world is being plundered for profit, the time for Non Violent peaceful Direct Action is now. It is our right and our duty to defend and protect these wild and wonderful places” said Erik Hayward.

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