Markson and Telegraph breach 4 out of 4 Press Council Principles

“The last thing you (women in the workplace) need is slurs being thrown at you...” Sharri Markson. ABC TV’s Q&A, 5.3.18.

Sydney’s Daily Telegraph and reporter Sharri Markson broke four out of four of the Australian Press Council’s Principles, in its Standards of Practice, when they ran an untrue front-page story headed “TRIGGS’ GIG FOR GREENS” on 17 March, 2017.

The Press Council adjudication, published in the Daily Telegraph today, (link here) found that:

Markson and the Telegraph failed to take reasonable steps to ensure the front-page article and opinion piece were accurate and not misleading. THEY BROKE PRINCIPLE 1.

Having been alerted to ‘significantly misleading aspects’ of this false story, they did not publish a clarification or take any remedial action. THEY BROKE PRINCIPLE 2.

Sharri Markson and The Telegraph failed Bob Brown ‘a right of reply prior to publication (and) failed to take reasonable steps to ensure the article was presented with reasonable fairness and balance.’ THEY BROKE PRINCIPLE 3.

After the untrue, unfair and unbalanced publication, Bob Brown ‘reasonably responded to the publication’s list of questions by asking to be interviewed, which was not followed up. In not providing a fair opportunity for subsequent publication of a reply, the publication also breached General Principle 4.’

Bob Brown comments:

Sharri Markson and The Telegraph have been nailed for their vendetta against Triggs, the highly respected former Australian Commissioner for Human Rights, which led to them lying to their readers.

The Telegraph serially abuses the journalists’ Code of Ethics and, here, has been found guilty by its peers.

I expect neither Mr Murdoch’s Telegraph nor Ms Markson will have the decency to apologise to Professor Triggs or the hundreds of thousands of readers they deceived.

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