Media Release: Forestry Tasmania’s false thirty-eight arrests

Bob Brown Foundation today welcomed the decision by Tasmania Police to abandon charges against 38 protestors arising from arrests on Helilog Road between May and July 2021. The protestors were arrested while defending Tasmania’s takayna / Tarkine from a proposed heavy metals tailings dam by mining company MMG.

The forests and their endangered Masked Owls in takayna / Tarkine where these protests took place need permanent secure protection.

“These charges were laid and arrests made because Forestry Tasmania claimed to have closed the road when they had no power to do that. Their own Forest Management Act, sets out how that was to be done. It is astonishing and a matter of grave concern that Forestry Tasmania has not read its own legislation and cannot follow simple requirements to put up a sign,” BBF Campaigner Jenny Weber said.

“Forestry Tasmania unlawfully closed a public road solely to interfere with, and disrupt, a protest by environmentalists against the private mining company MMG. Forestry Tasmania should be in the dock and paying the costs for these 38 protestors who weren’t breaking the law. This public road still has the miner’s boom gates and 24-hour security,”

“We have been blockading this road again, since January, while the state and federal government sanctioned destruction of ancient takayna / Tarkine habitat for the endangered Masked Owl and Wedge-tailed Eagle looms, we will continue to defend the place against MMG’s plans to destroy 285 ha of forest,” Jenny Weber said.

In an age of climate and biodiversity crises, we can avoid citizens being arrested and facing court for defending Tasmania’s environment if the Government protects this island’s rainforests, native forests and wildlife. A test case for the remaining charges of hindering and obstructing mining operations is listed on 12 April 2022.

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