Tarkine logging blitz uncovered by conservationists

Two areas of ancient tall eucalyptus forest and rainforest have been destroyed in the past months by logging in Tasmania’s Tarkine. Conservationists have uncovered the logging and called for immediate protection of the Tarkine’s forests.

“Community members are this morning protesting in a logging area in the remote Rapid River region of Tasmania’s takayna / Tarkine,” Jenny Weber said.

“In a shocking discovery by community members over the weekend, these ancient forests that have been undisturbed for millennia have now been destroyed for woodchips and supplied to the controversial Borneo logging and palm oil giant Ta Ann. On Premier Hodgman's watch, Tasmania’s Tarkine is losing old growth rainforests for woodchips. We can not afford to lose any more ancient ecosystems like this,” Jenny Weber, campaign manager with Bob Brown Foundation said today.

“I first crossed the then-remote Rapid River in a walking expedition looking for the Tasmanian tiger in 1973. The rainforest was stunning. In 2018, Hodgman, who has never been within cooee of this wild forest, has issued its death knell through clump clearfelling, extraction for Malaysian logging giant Ta Ann, and then incineration killing all remaining wildlife. This is also killing Tasmania’s future, not least jobs, in a nature-hungry world,” Bob Brown said.

Bob Brown Foundation has today released drone footage to expose this logging of ancient Tarkine tall eucalyptus and rainforests to the world.

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