Media Release: Tasmanian Rainforest Protest Continues - Midnight Oil releases Tarkine song and video with images of threatened rainforests

Drilling on Venture Mineral’s mine lease has been halted for the fifth day this month as Bob Brown Foundation has prevented the deployment of two drill rigs. A protester was arrested yesterday after courageously locking onto the drill rig yesterday and two have returned to halt drilling today in the remote takayna/Tarkine rainforest.

Environmental Science student Lola Jackson (21) and artist Iona Marsden Sweeney (22) have walked into the ancient remote rainforests and are preventing the drilling for a new tin and tungsten mine.

Also this morning, Midnight Oil has released their new song and video, Tarkine, from their forthcoming album Resist.

“The wild, ancient and threatened takayna/Tarkine has just been immortalised by one of Australia’s greatest bands. From our Tarkine in Motion environmental arts project, Launceston artist Darryl Rogers partnered with Jim Moginie from Midnight Oil in a Mona Foma installation. It was from this collaboration that Jim Moginie was inspired to write a dedication to Tasmania’s Tarkine. Midnight Oil has captured the urgency the Tarkine faces from logging and mining.

We will continue to resist the destruction of one of the last wild places on Earth, knowing that Midnight Oil has just given that place, its ancient rainforests and all the wildlife, a new international platform,” Jenny Weber, Bob Brown Foundation Campaign Manager said.

“I am here to help protect the invaluable and magnificent takayna/Tarkine from unnecessary, irreversible and endlessly damaging mining activity”, said Lola Jackson.

“I am here to protect Earth’s wildness. The wild places of this magnificent Earth are shrinking and they must be left,” said Iona Marsden-Sweeny.

Venture Minerals is attempting to raise capital to progress their proposed mine at Mount Lindsay within National and World Heritage value rainforest in takayna/Tarkine.

“Investors should hear loud and clear that this project faces significant community opposition. Tasmanians will not accept the destruction of ancient, carbon rich rainforest in a climate and biodiversity crisis”, said Bob Brown Foundation takayna/Tarkine Campaigner Scott Jordan.

“Our Foundation will continue to stand up for the forests, the wildlife and planet Earth”.


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