Media Release: Bob Brown congratulates foxglove fighter.

“Jim Godfrey’s campaign to publicise and stop the spread of the invasive weed foxglove shows the power of one in helping protect Tasmania’s natural places and species. He is to be congratulated,” Bob Brown said today.

“Foxgloves have a beautiful flower but are a good-for-nothing horror weed. Each year they are costing thousands if not millions of dollars as farmers and volunteer groups tackle their rapid spread. Jim’s work needs the back-up by the state government with a targeted campaign and assistance to the foxglove fighters.”

“For one, I am alarmed by the foxgloves spreading up the Lake Highway south of Deloraine and now entering the Central Plateau section of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. They are coming from forestry operations above the Liffey Falls. Government action would stop them now but if they get a grip on the plateau they will smother it to the detriment of fragile alpine vegetation as well as the wildlife. It needs action before Christmas,” concluded Brown. 

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  • Adam Burling
    published this page in Media Releases 2021-11-17 17:08:21 +1100