Media Release: Stop Adani protests in Canberra and Sydney.

Colourful ‘Stop Adani’ protests in Canberra and Sydney are ‘just the start’ of plans to take the issue global, Bob Brown said outside the Indian High Commission today.

More than two hundred people holding banners and chanting ‘Stop Adani’ were outside the High Commission in Canberra and another 35 at the Indian Consulate in Sydney. ‘Our protest is against this obscene opening of the Galilee Basin coal, to inject more greenhouse gases into Earth’s biosphere than the whole of the rest of Australia, and it is building,’ Brown said.

“Today’s protests honed in on Gautam Adani’s plan to bulldoze more than 800 hectares of dense forest in central India to open-cut mine for coal. ‘Billionaire Adani is a brute overriding the indigenous Gond people’s ancient rights to gather food and spices in these forests. They have stood in the way of surveyors saying ‘shoot us!’. The Gond deserve the whole world to see their ill-treatment in India and we will help that happen.

The Hasdeo Arand forests targeted by Adani are also a wildlife habitat for elephants, sloth-bears and leopards.

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