Media Release: Bob Brown re-arrested

Former Greens Leader and Senator Bob Brown was arrested in Tasmania’s northeast highland forests again this morning, twenty-four hours after his first arrest for stopping logging of Swift Parrot habitat.

In a significant act of defiance, Brown was arrested with two fellow forest defenders - Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber and retired Organic Gardener Kevin Vaughan.

Brown was released on bail to appear in Hobart’s Magistrates court on March 31st, 2021.

Speaking outside Bicheno police station Brown said, “Much bigger protests will put an end to native forest logging across Australia. As with whaling in 1978, the rising public animosity to destruction of wildlife habitat and the forests themselves will end this completely unnecessary and jobs-sparse industry in coming years.”

“I slept out last night under a logging bulldozer which had invaded the Lost Falls forest where, this morning, we saw owls and I heard one of the 300 remaining Swift Parrots. It was rainy, with temperatures down towards zero, but we were content just to know the Swift Parrot habitat destruction was slowed by us being there,” Bob Brown said.

“Citizens are doing the job of parliamentarians who can protect all habitat for the critically endangered Swift Parrot instead of feeding their homes to the woodchippers. Along with many others, I’m dedicated to halting logging of these wildlife-rich native forests in this age of climate and biodiversity crisis while the agents of extinction authorise the ongoing destruction of nature,” Jenny Weber said.

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