Media Release: Midway put on notice to stop native forest logging

The Bob Brown Foundation is calling into question the sustainability of forestry company Midway, over recent logging of native forests inside plantations managed by the Forestry Corporation of NSW (FCNSW). Earlier this year Midway subsidiary Queensland Commodity Exports ceased receipt of plantation timber from New South Wales due to the risks posed to conservation values within NSW plantation areas by these activities.

Investigations undertaken by citizen scientists and stakeholders reveal that significant areas of biodiversity, including koala habitat, old growth trees, and rainforests are impacted by logging inside plantation areas, and that remnant native forests inside plantations continue to be imperilled.

“The areas are incredibly important from a biodiversity perspective, as they very often represent the last refuge for endangered species inside plantations, and they must be protected,” says Doro Babeck, Citizen Science Co-ordinator and campaigner, Bob Brown Foundation.

“We congratulate community stakeholders for their ongoing hard work. If it were not for the stakeholders and citizen-scientists, yet more forests and endangered species would be lost. It is a terrible indictment of the Forestry Corporation and the NSW Government that it takes a few brave people to do a job that the state’s regulatory bodies should have undertaken years ago.”

“This should serve as a warning to Midway that the destruction of native forest habitat will not be tolerated,” Doro continued. “It is also a lesson that must be learned by the Forest Stewardship Council and other private certification schemes.”

“Without community participation in decision-making it doesn’t matter how noble your intentions. The commitment of government agencies and forest managers to sustainability cannot be guaranteed. We will continue to support community-driven efforts to protect Australia’s threatened native forest habitat wherever it is to be found.”

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