Media Release: Bob Brown arrested defending Swift Parrot

Today Bob Brown has been arrested halting logging in North East Tasmania. The forest is documented habitat for the critically endangered Swift Parrot. Senator Peter Whish-Wilson and Tasmanian Greens leader Cassy O'Connor joined Bob Brown in the contentious forest but have been moved on after being given a police direction. Three other people still remain locked onto logging machinery, halting all work.

“Here in the forest alongside me, is a 16-year-old woman showing more gumption for Australia’s environment than a Prime Minister. Not yet old enough to vote but more intelligent and caring than the whole of Morrison’s cabinet room put together,” Bob Brown said.

“I’m here today because it is my moral duty to protect these amazing native forests and wildlife, particularly the critically endangered Swift Parrots. I’m fighting to protect this land for the future generations and people less fortunate than me. Climate change is a human rights issue and I’m fighting for the people who need a safe climate," said Harriet O'Shea, one of the three Australian Climate Strike co-initiators.

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