Media Release: Bob Brown Foundation response to Venture Minerals’ demands – “Take a hike, out of takayna.”

Three days after bursting into selected media with a $100,000 demand from the Bob Brown Foundation, Western Australian company Venture Minerals Limited has finally managed to deliver the letter to the foundation’s office today.

“This is an exercise in public intimidation of a community group by a corporate bully,” Bob Brown Foundation CEO Steven Chaffer said.

“We have no intention of paying a single cent to Venture Minerals for the destruction they have done, and plan to do, to takayna / Tarkine.”

“Our foundation will respond in kind and send a letter to VML demanding it restore to the people of Tasmania the natural forest and wildlife habitat so far destroyed by its destructive activities in the publicly-owned takayna / Tarkine,” Steven Chaffer said.

"This includes its violent removal of natural vegetation for the strip mining at Riley Creek and now its drilling activities in the beautiful Mt Lindsay rainforest which is part of this World Heritage region. Their letter coincides with the global condemnation of such activity by the UN Secretary-General Guterres at the Glasgow COO26 Conference: “Enough of treating nature as a toilet. Enough of burning and drilling and mining our way deeper. We are digging our own graves!”.

“Venture Minerals has invaded these Tasmanian nature strongholds. We didn’t. They are the villains in this age of global climate emergency and extinction crisis. We are not. They owe Tasmanians and the world reparations for their recklessness, not us,” Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“If this is an exercise meant to turn us to jelly, they are picking on the wrong people. They can threaten our pockets but cannot remove our hearts. We are for defending what is left of the natural planet which sustains everyone,” said Bob Brown.

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