The humane world breathed a sigh of relief yesterday when Japan was trounced in the International Whaling Commission vote on its motion for open-slather whaling, Australian environmentalist Bob Brown said today.

“Japan, with a team including 9 politicians, and with its representative chairing the meeting, was whalloped 41-27 in its effort to drop the 32 years old moratorium on commercial whaling. The success of a Brazilian motion, for the IWC to become a whale conservation organisation, removed any lingering hopes of Japan ever having its whaling fleet endorsed.

“As with its fellow large scale whale-killers, Norway and Iceland, Japan can now hold out no hope of winning a future vote for commercial whaling in any world forum, including the IWC. If it leaves the IWC it will be a pariah in this age of environmental contention,” Brown said.

“Japan should end its attack on the growing global culture of respect for whales and convert its whaling factory ship to scoop out the millions of tonnes of plastic floating in the Pacific,” Brown said.


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