Media Release: Pocock makes stand for Tassie rainforest.

Australian Rugby legend David Pocock is calling on Australians to defend Tasmania’s takayna/Tarkine rainforest from a toxic waste dump.

Advertisements featuring Pocock’s call will air on Sky TV, Tasmanian commercial TV on Channel 7 and online on Youtube, Facebook , The Guardian.

The Beijing-based mining corporation MMG has been road building into the rainforest to build a tailings dam for its Rosebery mine in northwest Tasmania.  Yesterday the company announced a halt to the road building after Bob Brown Foundation issued a legal letter to MMG.

MMG has alternative options outside the takayna rainforest. However, the mining corporation intends to proceed with plans for heavy metals waste dump at this site despite the high-conservation values of the area, the ancient remnant rainforest ideal habitat for up to eight threatened species.

This week, the federal Minister for the Environment notified MMG that its proposed tailings dam cannot proceed without a full environmental impact assessment. Nevertheless, MMG increased the heavy machinery working on its access roads up until Wednesday afternoon the 14th of July

David Pocock visited the protest site set up by the Bob Brown Foundation where seventy one people have been arrested in non-violent direct action. Pocock says: 

“The takayna rainforest is awe-inspiring and something we should celebrate as Australians. takayna/the Tarkine is one of the last tracts of old-growth rainforest in the world and one of Australia’s richest Aboriginal cultural landscapes and home to a number of endangered species, including the iconic Tasmanian devil. In 2021 we should be protecting all our remaining old-growth forests like takayna. 

The mining company has alternatives. They don’t need to cut down old-growth forest - many of these trees were standing when the first Europeans arrived on these shores. This isn’t a case of Nature or jobs - there are alternatives available. 

Hundreds of people from different walks of life have come to takayna to say no to this waste dump. Nonviolent direct action has a long history in this country as a way of building a better society for all Australians, and I believe future generations will thank the people who are putting their bodies and civil liberties on the line to save the remaining wilderness we have in Australia. There are few things more Australian than places like takayna or the Great Barrier Reef - we must do what we can to protect them.” 


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