Media Release: Tarkine Art Exhibition to showcase threatened wild place to Dark Mofo crowd.

takayna - a journey opens tonight

At the height of its biggest protest actions in takayna/Tarkine, the Bob Brown Foundation is launching a new art exhibition in Salamanca Arts Centre’s Long Gallery tonight.

Twenty one artists are exhibiting including high-profile Tasmanians Julie Gough, Peter Dombrovskis, Luke Tscharke, Paul Hoelen, Deb Wace, Rob Blakers, Selena De Carvalho and Matthew Newton.

The exhibition titled takayna - a journey, aims to showcase some of Australia's most talented artists who have all come together to not only celebrate the wonders and beauty of the Tarkine wilderness but also the threats.

“This is a story about a place where nature has evolved for millions of years. Its flora, lichens and fossils tell the story of the planet’s evolution. A landscape much unchanged since the ancestors of the Palawa walked upon these sands, vast cycles of connection, power and spirit. A place, that is right now, today, disappearing by the hand of the human race. We come from it, we connect with it, we defend it. This place is takayna,” said Campaign Manager Jenny Weber.

“We are using the great opportunity of large crowds in Hobart for Dark Mofo, that we might expose the threats to Australia’s largest temperate rainforests and Aboriginal living landscapes and the campaign to defend and protect this world heritage value takayna/Tarkine,” Jenny Weber said.

The exhibition will also debut the short film muntrikawripa, created by Andrew Phipps, Luke Tscharke and Paul Hoelen from Art for takayna 2021.

muntrikawripa is a spectacular gem of wilderness and indigenous culture, located on the remote west coast of takayna, lutruwita. This ancient indigenous landscape is remote, sacred, and incredible. However, takayna is under threat. It is under threat of logging, mining and damage by recreational 4x4's to thousands of years of indigenous culture and wilderness. The ethereal landscape of muntrikawripa is environmentally and culturally significant, and needs to be protected. In this vignette, hear the voices and perspectives of the palawa people, alongside passionate wilderness advocates as they spend time on country in muntrikawripa.

"I think this exhibition speaks volumes about the connections people have to the Tarkine and Tasmania’s wild lands as a whole. My work is a deep dive into the belly of Tasmania and seeks to ask the question; In a time when Tasmania is in a great state of change what is really going on here, and what does the way we treat the Tarkine ultimately say about us," said award-winning photographer Matthew Newton.

“It’s such an honour to be asked to showcase work along side such incredible artists all utilising thier mediums to fight for the same thing, the protection of takayna / Tarkine region as a world heritage area through photography I hope to help reveal the incredible , diverse beauty of this place sometimes even in the most unexpected forms," said photographer and professional surfer Dion Agius, who is exhibiting photographs in the exhibition.

Opening night Tuesday 15th June. Speakers include Jenny Weber, Nala Mansell from Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre, Theresa Sainty, a proud Palawa woman and Tasmanian actor Bonnie Sveen.

Exhibition will run from 16th June to 26th June at The Long Gallery, 77 Salamanca Place.

Exhibition pieces available for purchase and are raising funds for the Bob Brown Foundations campaign to defend and protect takayna/Tarkine.

Contributing Artists: 21 Australian Artists. Aliss Curtis, Andrew Phipps, Anna Brozek, Annette Day, Colin Schildhauer, David Aldous, Deb Wace, Dion Agius, Jonathon Falkce, Julie Gough, Kelly Slater, Luke Tscharke, Matt Newton, Maura Chamberlain, Orenda Joy Green, Peter Dombrovskis, Paul Hoelen, Ramji, Rob Blakers, Selena De Carvalho, Tim Cooper and Todd Jenkins .

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