Media Release: Surge in Tarkine Protesters

Bob Brown Foundation is hosting waves of citizens showing up in takayna to protest for the protection of Australia’s largest temperate rainforests.

Two people this morning have attached themselves to MMG mining company’s machines that are carrying out road building for proposed drilling operations. The roading and drilling is in preparation for a shocking acidic heavy metal tailings dam in Tasmania’s takayna/Tarkine. Today’s protests follow three weeks of daily protests and twenty four arrests.

Bob Brown Foundation calls on Tasmanian Premier Gutwein to hear these citizens' urgent plea for protection of the world heritage value takayna and calling on MMG to leave the rainforest region and use an alternative option.

“I’m here to try and stop this destructive proposal to try and clear 285 hectares of pristine rainforest in takayna/Tarkine. It’s unbelievable this destruction is going ahead before approval has been given and that there are other options for this proposal,” said Terri Rattray, 75, while attached to a machine.

“I’m joining this frontline action to protect old growth forest in takayna because we’re facing a climate and ecological emergency and we can’t afford to lose it. Our government is failing to act so I feel a responsibility to make this stand. For the sake of our kids' future. For all the species on the brink of extinction. For the planet,” said Nat Pausin, 43, also attached to a machine.

Meanwhile, Anna Brozek is in a tree sit deep in the rainforests that are threatened by MMGs proposed acidic heavy metals tailings dam.

“I'm perched atop an ancient eucalypt today, in defiance, as the Tasmanian government is allowing this wilderness to be wiped from the face of the Earth. I’m surrounded by hundreds of giant myrtles, blackwoods and centuries-old ferns. Destroying this is especially unjustifiable when MMG, the mining company proposing to build a tailings dam right where I'm sitting, has other viable options in places that are not World Heritage Value forests,” said Anna Brozek.

“Given the blaring global climate emergency alarms, intact forests like those surround me need to be left standing, sequestering carbon and providing habitat, clean air and water,” Anna Brozek said.

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