Media Release: Morrison will smash Australia’s environment: Brown.

Today’s formula to deregulate environmentally-harmful impacts of major projects shows Prime Minister Morrison as an environmental smasher, Bob Brown said in Hobart.

“For example, the Marinus undersea cable linking Tasmania to the mainland will promote mega wind turbines regardless of Tasmania’s needs and have huge impacts on wild and scenic Tasmania, its bird life and other wildlife habitat. But PM Morrison’s plan is to ignore those impacts and barge ahead regardless. For Scott Morrison, this sixth age of mass extinction does not exist. He is oblivious to his own huge responsibilities for the environment which our children are about to inherit.”

“Private enterprise should be shouldering the cost of this job-sparse project but Morrison is having the taxpayers fund it while sweeping aside the same taxpayer concerns for the environment. Tasmania has more energy than it can use already and needs Marinus like a hole in the head: this project already has communities up in arms here. But the Morrison bulldozer is about to roll over every Tasmanian citizen’s concern. What hope the Wedge tailed Eagles and migratory birds headed for extinction?”

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