Media Release: Protests continue in Tasmania’s old forests at Wentworth Hills

Activists from the Bob Brown Foundation have returned to the Wentworth Hills area this morning after one arrest yesterday. A protestor has locked onto a gate, preventing any workers or log trucks from entering this ancient forest where active logging has been destroying carbon and environmental values.

“We return today to defend this incredible old-growth forest. The rich carbon and environmental values are being absolutely decimated by 'Sus' Timbers Tasmania. The demolition of this unique wilderness by the Liberal government is an absolute disgrace,” said Lisa Searle, Bob Brown Foundation native forests campaign organiser.

“Premier Gutwein should be ashamed for continuing to allow logging in this old forest to continue on his watch. We are calling on the Tasmanian government to step in and to grant Wentworth Hills the protection it so desperately needs,” Lisa Searle said.

“Yesterday we were forcibly removed from this area by police and one protestor was arrested. Today we are back and are halting the logging again. This gives these old forests a chance at being rescued. The public has been kept out of Wentworth Hills for years while this old growth logging continues behind locked gates,” Lisa Searle said.

“Our Foundation has been intervening in the loss of Wentworth Hills ancient forests for the past two years with non violent direct action. More than 20 people have been arrested standing up for these old forests. Our Bob Brown Foundation is fighting for an end to all native forest logging across Australia, and here in Wentworth Hills are some of the country’s oldest forests being lost to relentless logging,” the Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“This morning, we saw and heard a pair of swift parrots in this coupe. A critically endangered species that rely on native forests to remain intact, will be lost along with the irreplaceable carbon value rich forests the species depends on,” said Dr Searle.

“It is expected that the protestor attached to the gate will be arrested and charged later today. Unless the Premier steps up and refused to leave Tasmania’s unique native forests to the woodchip piles. It’s overdue that the logging and 'Sus' timbers Tasmania must be evicted from Wentworth Hills, instead of those willing to highlight the logging and defend it,” concluded Dr Searle.

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