Media Release: Will Hodgman and Tasmania’s beleaguered environment.

Former senator and environmentalist Bob Brown says Will Hodgman leaves a legacy of degrading Tasmania’s world-famous wilderness by handing it over to private developers.

‘I wish him well in whatever career he has ahead. But my clearest memory of his premiership is being wrongly arrested at the Lapoinya Forest under his anti-environmental laws before the High Court ruled he had breached the Australian Constitution. Now his swansong laws to have peaceful environmentalists jailed for 4 years have passed the House of Assembly.’

Premier Hodgman had no plan to protect Tasmania’s environmental amenity as it was handed over to private sector profiteers. This legacy includes:

  • nearly $3 million of taxpayers’ money going to a wilderness invader to build six double-storey lodges for rich people only on the South Coast Track.
  • a secret process, with no public say, for developer intrusions in the Walls of Jerusalem, Cradle Mountain, Frenchmans Cap and below Federation Peak.
  • privatisation of access to Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain.
  • logging Tarkine rainforests where dozens of citizens currently defend ancient ecosystems and rare wildlife against Hodgman chainsaws.
  • off-road vehicles trashing Aboriginal heritage on the Tarkine coast.
  • the contentious cable car proposal on iconic Mt Wellington.
  • opening the East Coast, Storm Bay, King Island and the northwest coast at Stanley to industrial fish farming.
  • open slather - no plan - for windfarms threatening migratory birds and Wedgetail Eagles.
  • logging southern forests nesting sites of Swift Parrots and Masked Owls.
  • rapidly spreading feral deer in the World Heritage Area, national parks and farmlands.
  • backing the failed megadevelopment, Cambria Green, at Swansea.
  • backing PM Tony Abbott’s failed effort to rescind World Heritage status for Tasmanian forests for loggers.
  • dismantling Tasmania’s Parks and Wildlife Service, making it a handmaiden of private tourist operators.
  • failure to tax the burgeoning tourism industry, based on Tasmania’s wild and scenic natural heritage, to fund hospitals, schools and national parks.

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