Media Release: Tarkine Conservationists Welcome Prime Minister to Burnie

Both Bob Brown Foundation and Save the Tarkine are calling on the Prime Minister to find the courage to stand up to Braddon Candidate Brett Whiteley and Premier Hodgman, and renew his commitment to World Heritage protection of the Tarkine. Conservationists held banners calling for protection of the Tarkine and greet Prime Minister Turnbull as he arrived at Burnie-Wynyard Airport this morning.



"We wanted to get a look at the Prime Minister for ourselves just to check which Malcolm Turnbull was visiting. Is it the Malcolm Turnbull who addressed a Sydney gathering with an impassioned speech about the global importance of the Tarkine and why it should be heritage listed, and then placed the Tarkine National Heritage nomination on the Australian Heritage Council's priority assessment list or is it the Malcolm Turnbull who last year signed the renewed Regional Forests Agreement that condemned the Tarkine's Howard-era rainforest reserves to renewed logging?" said Bob Brown Foundation and Save the Tarkine Campaigner Scott Jordan.




"Imagine our surprise to see that it was the same bloke, and that despite knowing the incredible global heritage value of the Tarkine's rainforest he condemned vast tracts of rainforests in permanent logging zones and conservation areas and regional reserves to Malaysian timber barons and the woodchippers," Scott Jordan said.


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