Media Release: Brown challenges Morrison to Great Barrier Reef action

The shocking news of more human-induced death of the Great Barrier Reef demands national action, former Greens leader Bob Brown said today.

“What coronavirus is to us, burning forests and coal is to coral. Prime Minister Morrison should be implementing a national lockdown on native forest logging and new coal mines.

“Continuing burning forests and opening coal mines is to the Great Barrier Reef what leaving open our borders to all-comers would be to human health. It defies commonsense.

“The national government should have responded to the anguish expressed by Professor Terry Hughes last month at the sight of coral bleaching extending further south than ever before. Yet all Australia got from Canberra was Environment Minister Sussan Ley dismissing the mass death as ‘deeply concerning’.

“Imagine if Canberra’s sum reaction to the pandemic had been to express deep concern. The Great Barrier Reef, often described as the Earth’s largest living organism, is dying before our very eyes and the Morrison government is concentrating the poison. This is a culpable dereliction of government duty to this nation’s future,” Brown said.

Bob Brown Foundation is obstructing logging in Tasmania’s Tarkine rainforest and, last year, organised a Stop Adani Convoy to central Queensland.

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