Media Release: Siemens apes Adani in trampling aboriginal rights.

Siemen’s German boss, Joe Kaeser, has aped Gautam Adani with his false, unqualified, assertion that the Wangan And Jagalingou people want Adani’s vast coal mine and river diversion on their country, former Australian Greens leader Bob Brown said today.

“W&J Family Council leader Adrian Burragubba has consistently opposed Adani. In return, Indian billionaire Adani has got a temporary injunction to restrain these W&J Traditional Owners from returning to their ancestral lands. It is outrageous behaviour in Australia, and by Siemens, in 2020.

“That Kaeser knuckled under to Adani and the Morrison government, with a closed door to indigenous and environmental leaders, makes Siemens equally culpable in promoting this vast planet-heating coal project,” Brown said.


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