Media Release: Ley joins successive Federal Governments to abandon Australia’s largest temperate rainforests heritage listing

Bob Brown Foundation has condemned the recent move by Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley to abandon takayna / Tarkine heritage listing to the mining and logging industries. Expert advice by the Australian Heritage Council in 2012 state that it deserves national heritage protection. Since 2012, the globally significant values have also been expertly identified as having world heritage value.

“Minister Ley has joined the line-up of failed Federal Environment Ministers who ignore expert recommendations to grant National Heritage listing to takayna / Tarkine after rejecting Emergency National Heritage listing. Ley is now the sixth successive Federal Environment Minister to ignore Australian Heritage Council advice that 439 000 hectares of takayna / Tarkine should be national heritage listed. All of these six Ministers have failed in their primary duty to protect and preserve one of Australia’s national heirlooms,” Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“Our Foundation wrote to Ley nominating takayna for Emergency National Heritage listing on May 20, 2021. The Emergency Heritage nomination came as Chinese state-owned mining company MMG turned to takayna for a proposed toxic heavy metals waste dump in the south eastern corner of takayna/Tarkine. National heritage listing would mean that as well as the usual environmental assessments, effects upon heritage values would be considered, essentially raising the bar,” Jenny Weber said.

"Minister Ley has defined her takayna legacy as someone who ignores recommendations for national heritage listing. It was recommended after its assessment in response to a nomination made in 2004 by Tarkine National Coalition and others, and a unanimous vote of the Senate to support then Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s decision to place the nomination on the priority assessment list in 2007. In 2009 Minister Peter Garrett placed the entire area subject to nomination under an emergency listing. Then in 2010 Federal Minister for the Environment Tony Burke allowed that emergency listing to lapse against the advice of the Australian Heritage Council. Then Burke in 2013 listed just 4% of the AHC’s 2012 recommended 439,000 hectare listing,” Jenny Weber said.


Correspondence with Minister Ley's office


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