Media Release: Defenders are ready to usher MMG out of Tasmania’s takayna rainforests.

Bob Brown Foundation’s forest defenders will usher MMG’s machines out of the takayna/Tarkine rainforests this morning. That is, unless MMG defies yesterday’s notice by the federal Minister for the Environment, Sussan Ley, that an environmental impact assessment is required before work on its proposed toxic waste dump can proceed.

“Citizens are on site in takayna, attached to machines, but ready to step aside if the miner does the right thing and takes its machines out. Chinese state-owned MMG will be thumbing its nose at the Morrison government if it doesn’t remove its machines from takayna/Tarkine this morning.  It has options outside this rainforest. Yesterday, Ms Ley decided the miner’s proposed heavy metals tailings waste dump is a controlled action under the EPBC Act.  The project’s huge impact on the environment now requires her assessment and approval before it can proceed,” BBF’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.
“It would spark a national environmental showdown if MMG defied the Minister by continuing to build its access road to build the tailings dam,” Jenny Weber said.

"I'm scared that when I am my parent's age I'll be living on an unrecognisable planet, left only with the memory of forests long dead, having to explain to my own children what they meant and why they're gone. That's why I'm here today,"  said Clare Jacobson,
20, Tour guide.

"This action is important to me because I don't feel represented. The students I have experience climate anxiety and frustration at the lack of action. We are calling for this land to be handed back to indigenous Australians,"  said Thomas Friend, 34, Teacher

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