Media Release: Sussan Ley invited to visit her lost parrot forests

Environment Minister Sussan Ley visited woodlands near Canberra this morning to see critically endangered Swift Parrots. The parrots have arrived back on the mainland after migrating from Tasmania where they nested over summer. Early reports are that none were there for the minister to wave toward extinction.

A prime cause of the disappearance of the Swift Parrots, the fastest on Earth, is Ley-sanctioned logging of the forests in which the parrots nest in southeast coastal Tasmania. The Bob Brown Foundation is currently pursuing legal action in the High Court to stop this environmental absurdity.

“We invite the minister down to Tasmania to inspect the smoldering ruins of some of the native forests formerly available for the parrots to nest but which have been deliberately flattened and incinerated on her watch. No trees, no nests, no parrots,” Bob Brown said.

Minister Ley has rejected out-of-hand the key action component recommended by the Samuels report which was to have an environmental police force to ensure the nation’s environmental standards are upheld.

Cutting funding for environmental action with teeth in it is ‘aiding and abetting extinction”, Bob Brown said.

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  • Adam Burling
    published this page in Media Releases 2021-05-13 09:40:30 +1000