Media Release: takayna Ultra runs again through the wilds of Tasmania's North West

More than 120 runners set off today as part of the second takayna Ultra. The event's main goal is to help protect takayna / Tarkine in a World Heritage listed National Park, returned to Aboriginal ownership. The event has attracted runners from across the country as well as a strong local Tasmanian contingent. Runners have helped raise more than $170,000 for the frontline campaign to takayna / Tarkine.

"takayna Ultra has grown in size and wildness from last year, with more than 120 runners crossing the finish line on the Tarkine coast. Participants had a great time along the wild coast with huge breakers and squalls of rain but not last years headwinds. This race is a great success, not only has it brought money into the North West coast but it will boost campaigning to protect the Tarkine.

It was wonderful to have three Australian Greens parliamentarians, Adam Bandt, Janet Rice and Peter Whish-Wilson greeting runners at the finish line," said Bob Brown.

“The runners in takayna Ultra are a prime example of conservation in action. They are directly raising funds for the campaign to protect this wild and incredibly beautiful place, they are experiencing its wonder directly and becoming instant ambassadors for the region as they tell friends and family about North West Tasmania's treasures.

Today's event is another great step in helping to save takayna / Tarkine from logging, mining and off-road vehicle damage. We are proud to have hosted such incredible people who are taking a stand for all our futures,” said Jenny Weber, Campaign Manager Bob Brown Foundation.

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