Media Release: Coal Risks Lives More Than Protests

“Coal risks lives more than protests and in this urgent climate emergency, the coal industry needs a rapid transition,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Jenny Weber said today.

According to the Scientific American, coal burning pollution causes more than 100,000 deaths per year, yet here in Australia the Adani coal burning company is complaining about four brave protesters risking life and limb to put a stop to their trade, environmentalist Bob Brown said.

CEO of Abbot Point Operations, Mr Dwayne Freeman said the four protesters crawled under a live, operating ship-loading conveyor belt. He said he had reported the matter to the workplace safety regulator. ‘So he should, and while he is at it he should report Adani’s coal-related deaths to India’s authorities and fund the damage,’ Brown said.

‘And here’s another statistic the media in Australia won’t report: the estimated 150,000 deaths worldwide annually due to global heating - due in large measure to coal burning. A good question is how much Adani is putting into the drought relief in the Murray-Darling basin due to unnatural heating there too.’

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