Bob Brown Foundation is calling for urgent protection of ancient takayna / Tarkine rainforests after Tasmania Police’s recent visits to the 101-day long blockade site suggest an imminent eviction.

A tree-sitter remains high in an ancient eucalyptus in ancient takayna forests threatened by Chinese state-owned MMG’s proposed toxic tailings dam. The company has indicated to BBF that it intends to commence activities related to the proposed development from today.

“MMG is ignoring scientific advice and pushing ahead with this toxic, acid-producing tailings dam rather than a cleaner, safer paste fill option. They are preparing to destroy 285 hectares of verified National and World Heritage value rainforest and melaleuca forest to save a few dollars,” said Bob Brown Foundation’s takayna Campaigner Scott Jordan.

Bob Brown Foundation has two court challenges underway against the federal environmental approvals and the state government awarding of mine leases to MMG. Last year, MMG commenced roading works without EPBC approvals but MMG was not prosecuted.

“The Federal Minister is running interference for MMG. She has pushed to have the case against the approvals heard in July, after the election, but is happy to stand by and watch the company roll in before the court’s scrutiny.”

“Our blockade preventing the mining company from destroying this wild place has held for 101 days and more than 700 citizens from around Australia have participated in the frontline action to defend some of the last intact rainforests on the planet,” Scott Jordan said.

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