Media Release: Dr Lisa Searle given community service over Tarkine protest

Dr Lisa Searle and Bob Brown have today committed to defending Tasmania’s wild places and wildlife after Dr Searle faced sentencing this afternoon in Hobart’s Magistrates Court.

Dr Lisa Searle was sentenced to 49 hours of community service over 18 months, for her involvement in defending takayna/Tarkine against the impacts of the new Riley Creek Mine. During that 18 months, Dr Searle will have to report regularly to a probation officer, not commit any offence punishable by imprisonment, or leave the state of Tasmania or change residence without notifying the probation officer.

“My acts of civil disobedience over the last 10 years, as heard today by the courts, have been borne out of passion and desperation for the plight of forests globally. The Tasmanian wilderness that I love so much is disappearing right before my eyes and I cannot stand idle and let this relentless destruction continue. I understand the consequences of my actions, but I believe passionately in the power of civil disobedience and remain committed to standing up against injustice. The land on which I was convicted of trespass today is stolen land. This land belongs to the Palawa people and was never ceded," said Dr Lisa Searle.

“We all need to say no to the destruction of Tasmania’s native forests. Direct Action works, we have seen it work so many times in our history. We have seen it work in Tasmania and protect wild places,” Dr Lisa Searle said.

"Lisa is a magnificent example to people of all ages especially, to young people, of making a stand and taking action,” Bob Brown said.

“I know the magistrate has said that she needs to be stopped from reoffending but the real criminality here is the logging, burning of Tasmania's magnificent native forest and their wildlife. If the government wants to stop police been diverted from other duties they should stop the destruction of native forests.

I'm proud of her, it's great to be her friend, I encourage Lisa to keep standing strong for our forest, I'll be there with her so will a lot more other people," said Bob Brown

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